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They take you to their nearby travel agent and pretend to ring the train booking office.They then say the train is full and your only way to travel is on one of their buses. Long Distance Bus Scam – Many people have had things stolen from their bags on overnight bus trips.[…]These days it’s more common to hear a westerner speaking Thai than you might think.To help you be more street savvy on your next holiday in Thailand, we have decided to put together a top 10 of scams in Thailand. If you have any scams that you would like to report, then please post them in the comments below. The Grand Palace is Closed Scam – This scam can happen near any tourist attraction but still happens a lot outside the Grand Palace. Wrong Change Scam – A common scam at places like 7-Eleven and Family Mart in tourist areas is to give you change as if you gave them a 500 baht note instead of a 1,000 baht note.You cheers, but then suddenly the lights turn on and panic ensues; it’s closing […]Finally the land has sold and the Zoe bar is moving! Then when I moved here to live […]Many newbies to Thailand are are basically nerds with money who also have no idea the ways people can manipulate you into believing whatever it is THEY want. Actually all the bars are going to have to move, but will they all?The latest gimmick is some medicine circulating in Isaan that swells their belly to make them look pregnant in case you fly in to visit them.

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He then asks if you can go and meet her as she has some questions.

At their house, you somehow end up playing blackjack with them.

What they fail to mention is that a dozen other customers have already paid for those scratches.

If you rent anything, be it motorcycle, car or jet ski, make sure all scratches and dents are documented. Patpong Sex Show Scam – Don’t believe the touts outside who say free sex shows and drinks for only 100 baht each. Stay clear if you are alone as they can turn violent if you refuse to pay. Hualamphong Scam – Outside the train station you will meet official looking people who will say they will help you book the seats.

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