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I’ve got friends I’ve known for over a decade now that I met through an online forum and I consider many of them lifelong friends.But the thing is: I’ve met most of ’em out in meatspace.She expressed a desire to stay close to her family, which I understand since I have a close relationship with my family here.This would seem to leave me with the big decision of either uprooting my own lifestyle and trying to adapt to hers.We have talked about this before, just not so intensely.I should point out that Dena is married and already has one child by her current husband.

I feel as though we understand each other on many levels. I’d be making a huge leap of faith here on my side.I’ve eaten with them, gotten drunk with them, danced with them been to movies and cons with them, I’ve sold comics with them, helped them hit on women (and men), even been to (and officiated at) their weddings and they’ve been to mine.There are several of them who I haven’t actually met in person yet and while I consider us friends, it’s just not the same as having met in the flesh. You may know each other’s deepest, darkest secrets. I have read many of your articles and I find them fascinating. We have talked a great deal since getting to know each other and now we have become pretty good friends.I have found myself agreeing, cheering on, laughing, as well as being mesmerized by the topics you discuss and the eloquence in which you dissect and analyze every situation that could be conceived. So, here I throw a dilemma that I am facing your way. Well, just recently, as in last year, our conversations began to become slightly heated.

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Or seeing if she would take the big risk and uproot to my lifestyle.

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